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The importance of the mortgage interest deduction can’t be ignored. Altering it could make home values fall. Even a 1% drop could cause a $200 billion loss for homeowners.

Why It Matters

Homeownership issues affect all Americans, and we want to make sure that supporting homeownership remains a priority on the nation’s public policy agenda.

Homeownership is an investment in our collective futures – it benefits individuals and families, strengthens our communities, and is integral to our nation’s economy.

Join us to stay informed on the issues that may affect your ability to buy, sell and own a home, and help us make Home Ownership Matter.

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Tell Congress ‘Hands Off’ The Mortgage Interest Deduction


Watch the video above to learn more about threats in Congress to the mortgage interest deduction and what that could mean for the American dream of homeownership. 

Sign the petition at protectmyhometaxdeductions.com.